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Why Choose Us?

You want delicious, healthy, homemade meals for you and your family. That's where we can help! What you do while dinner makes itself..that's up to you!

What We Have...

We offer a wide selection of fresh and frozen meat and vegetarian pies, handmade in the traditional style! Our pies' beautiful presentation and appetizing aromas will bring them to the table, and the delectable flavor will have them asking for more!

Take a look at our menu, and come visit us at various Farmers' Markets in Alberta or call to place an order. Bon app├ętit!



  Classic Pastry Pies

Sm $9.50   Jr $12  Med $20   Lg $24     
Tourtiere...minced pork,ground beef and mashed potato

Savory Beef...minced beef,carrots,celery,onion,garlic,spices

Chicken...cubed chicken and 6 vegetables in cream sauce

Chicken and Ham
...chicken and ham cubed, vegetables in cream sauce
Sm $10.50    Jr $13.00   Med $21   Lg $26       
Steak and Kidney...cubed kidney and beef with a sumptious gravy (not too rich, just right) - ask for extra gravy!

Steak...all steak and deliciuos gravy - extra gravy available

  Feature Pastry Pies
Sm $10    Jr $13.00   Med $20   Lg $25        
Lamb...minced lamb with spices and mint sauce

Creamy Salmon and Smoked Cod...salmon,cod and veggies in creamy 
Sm $10.50   Med $19   Lg $25                                 
Turkey Pot Pie...roasted turkey and veggies in a savoury gravy, topped with buttermilk biscuit

  Puffed Pastry Pies

Drunken Beef...beef in wine gravy  Sm $12.50 Med $23

Chicken Curry...Chicken, pearl onion, carrots in coconut curry sauce Sm $11.50 Med $22

Mushroom Drambuie...6 wild mushrooms, asparagus, red pepper and celery Sm $10.50 Med $19

Lamb Stout Puff...cubed Leg of lamb marinated in Guinness and worchesterchire, stewed with carrots, rutabaga, onion and potato 
Sm $14  Med $26

  Classic Potato Pies

Sm $10.50   Med $18   Lg $24                         
Cottage Pie...commonly called shepherds pie, made with minced beef
Pate Chinois...minced beef with tomato and corn

Sm $10.50   Med $16                        
Herbed Vegetarian...vegetables and white beans in a garlic sauce
Spicy Vegetarian...vegetables, garbanzo and kidney beans, split peas in ginger sauce

   Feature Potato Pies

Shepherds Lamb...minced lamb with tomato sauce: Sm $15.50   Med $26

**Fisherman's...creamy salmon and smoked cod filling (currently limited          availability)                                                                 Sm $14.50   Med $25

   Our Specialty Pies

Melton Mowbray...minced,salt cured pork in spiced jelly, baked in a hot water pastry case  $13.50

Butcher's Pork...Salt cured pork in traditional pastry$5 each or  3/$14                                  

Gala...Ham and egg pie  Whole $34   Half $18

Cornish Pasties...Beef, veggies, pepper, thyme  $11

  Wee Pies... $5 each or  3/$14                                  

Tartieres... our famous tourtiere filling!

Traditional Values

All our meat and vegetarian pies are 100% handmade traditional recipes . We use only the finest ingredients, locally sourced where possible. Quickly frozen to ensure freshness,our family sized pies go from the freezer to the oven with no thawing time required. We also offer fresh and hot baked pies at various markets and other venues. Our hand-held, fully baked "Tasties" are great for lunches, too! Do you have any suggestions for us? Just e-mail or call - we can make special orders for you.

Customer Reviews

"The pastry is one of the best that I have ever tasted which is their hallmark." -- Violet A.,Edmonton

"These delectable delights are homemade and make it so easy to warm up a nutritious and tasty meal for the whole family." -- City Market Staff, Edmonton

Box 144,116 Main Street, Kinsella, Alberta | 780-935-5826  or 780-964-9696

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